Can it be that summer holidays are coming to end already? Well they almost are for us. After and a smashing run of previews back in June, an al-fresco Canned Laughter at Crate St James’ Street, and several trips to the Edinburgh Festival we’re getting ready to head back to our spiritual home at CentrE17 this September 20th.


Once again, we’re incredibly proud of how generous you’ve all been in supporting us and the work of Eat or Heat. It’s a sad fact that the summer holidays are some of the hardest times for those who rely on food banks. For some 3 million children in the UK, the summer isn’t all endless days of fun in the park and family trips abroad, but rather a period of stress, food insecurity and hunger. To many British children, school isn’t just a place to be bored to death in a Geography lesson learning the difference between igneous, metamorphic and volcanic rocks, it is a place where they can expect to receive at least one square meal a day. In the holidays, this suddenly disappears for six weeks, shifting the burden to families already struggling.


Thanks to all your fantastic generosity, you’ve managed to help in a real and significant way. As you can see from this video, you once again outdid yourselves during our preview run, replenishing the shelves of food bank and donating well over a thousand pounds to help top up Eat or Heat during this busy time of year. We are all incredibly grateful.


And now as September fast approaches, we’re returning to Walthamstow with some of the finest talent to grace the stage of northeast London. We’ll have a fantastic line up, fresh from Edinburgh. Hopefully they’ll have had a wash, done their laundry and caught up with sleep before coming to make you laugh. Hopefully you know the deal by now, buy a ticket here, bring five items for the food bank and have a bloody amazing time!


If you want to find out more about the work of Eat or Heat, please do check them out here. And to be the first to know about our line-up announcements follow us Twitter and Instagram.


See you all on September 20th!


Big Love,

Team Canned Laughter x