Some big news from us: we're expanding!

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When we launched Canned Laughter last year, we never could have anticipated how much love and support everyone was set to show for a cause that is very close our hearts: the growing demand for food banks in our country. Since 2010, the number of people in the UK regularly using food banks has risen from the tens of thousands to the millions and there are now over 2,000 food banks in operation and horrifying statistics show that 37% of children in our capital city are living the poverty line.


Stories like Gary’s, who opened Waltham Forest food bank Eat or Heat in 2014, are the reason Canned Laughter was launched and why we’ve worked with Gary and the team for the past year. Eat or Heat was opened to support the growing number of local families who were having to regularly make the endlessly difficult decision of heating their homes or feeding their families. This is the reason we not only launched the night, but why we (and our amazing lineups) come back to The CentrE17 as often as possible. Without immense support from the amazing Max & Ruth and the rest of the team behind The CentrE17, we’d never have raised over £5,000, and helped stock up the food bank for up to 16-weeks.


While we are so proud to call The CentrE17 our home, we are very excited to announce today that we expanding the Canned Laughter family and on Thursday 8th November, we’re launching our second night at the Tram and Social. Our first night in Tooting will be hosted by none other than The Duchess of Canvey, Diane Chorley! We’ll announce more names in the coming weeks and we promise another stellar line-up.


Canned Laughter is all about supporting families and food banks alike, so we will be partnering with Wandsworth Foodbank, a food bank that provided 4,712 3-day emergency food supplies to people referred in crisis last year.


Of the announcement, Dan Frith, Manager at Wandsworth Foodbank said: “With sadly more people than ever needing support from Wandsworth Foodbank, we so appreciate fundraising like this which enables us to continue providing emergency food and support to local people in crisis.”


The exact same principles apply to the Tooting show: you buy your ticket in advance online (click here!), and we ask that you bring a minimum of five food-bank-friendly items along with you to the show. In return, we promise you a show you won’t want to miss.


We’re so excited that the show is expanding, and can’t wait for you all to join us in supporting this crucially important cause in another London Borough.


Love from Kenny, Ali and Amelia x