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Frequently asked questions

What food is handy for me to bring?

The general rule of thumb for what provisions to bring for the food bank is anything with a long shelf life. No fresh fruit, veg, meat or anything that requires refrigerating. Don’t forget it’s also really helpful to donate toiletries too - things like toothpaste and women’s sanitary products go a long way to helping those in need.

For up to date details of what the food banks need please visit here for Eat or Heat and here for The Wandsworth Food Bank.

How do I donate to the charities outside of Canned Laughter?

If you’re interested in volunteering or donating more to either of the food banks we support we suggest getting in touch with Eat or Heat or The Wandsworth Food Bank directly.

How much money goes to the charities?

We’re pleased to say that the majority of money we raise on the evenings go directly to the food bank. Our partner at The CentrE17 and Tooting Tram and Social very kindly donate the venues for the cause, the acts that perform are donating their time and the three of us who run Canned Laughter take no financial gain away from the events.

There are of course the occasional small costs to cover for each show. These include things like hiring a sound technician (we tried a few times without and… quite frankly… nobody wants that again! Sorry Mawaan!!!), printing flyers, posters and banners and keeping a fridge stocked for the acts - after all, they are giving their time! Additionally, you will notice a small booking fee when purchasing your ticket - this goes to Ticketlab who support all our ticket sales.

Can I perform at Canned Laughter?

We love it when people get in touch to perform! If you’re interested drop us an email at hello@cannedlaughter.co.uk with some examples of your work. As five comedy super-fans we carefully curate all of our line ups and make sure we’ve seen all of our acts perform in person - if we haven’t seen you perform we’ll make sure we get along to a show soon!

Will I be allowed in if I am late?

We don’t have a no latecomers policy, but you may be required to stand at the back until an appropriate moment to find a seat to not interrupt any acts.

Can I return my tickets?

Yes, of course! If you can’t make it we’d much prefer bums on seats so please feel free to return your tickets and we can try and resell them. You can do this by emailing us at hello@cannedlaughter.co.uk. You can ask for a refund or donate the money to the charity.

Is there an age restriction for the event?

We would never want to censor our acts and for this reason we simply can never be certain what material our acts will perform. Due to this our event has a guideline of 16+, but as a guideline this is of course at the discretion of the legal guardian for anyone under the age of 16.

Can I set up Canned Laughter where I live?

If you’re interested in setting up a Canned Laughter night where you live and supporting your local food bank - great stuff! Drop us a line at hello@cannedlaughter.co.uk and let’s start the conversation!

Whilst we can’t help the day-to-day running of more Canned Laughter events we’re happy to be here for guidance and use of branding.